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The Aromastone (Aroma Stone)

This is one of the easiest aromatherapy diffusers to use. Just plug in and add a few drops of essential oil, or diffuser blend, to the top. The stone heats to just the right temperature to diffuse the essential oils into the air without burning them (or you).

The Aromastone


Not currently available


Amrita Optima Electric Diffuser
The Amrita diffusers use an air pump instead of heat to diffuse the essential oils. This is the most effective and therapeutic way to diffuse essential oils in to your environment. Only use pure essential oils or pure essential oil blends. Failure to do so will void warranty.
THE ROOM - Fixed flow output, good for use in smaller rooms up to 150 square feet. Base measures 4" X 2½" X 2" (not shown - similar to above, but smaller) $59.95 Not currently available
THE OPTIMA - The Optima features an adjustable output. Lowest setting for 200 sq. ft. room – highest for up to 900 sq. ft. base measures 7" X 4" X 3" $129.95 Not currently available
THE DELUXE PROFESSIONAL - Same features as the Optima plus an added timer. Alternately diffuses for 7 minuets on and 23 off, so that the room won’t become "over scented." $159.95 Not currently available


Reed Diffuser

Stylish and easy to use, our true aromatherapy reed diffusers use rattan reeds to diffuse the essential oils into the air. Comes with 15 reeds, apothecary bottle and 4 oz. of reed diffuser oil.


Adirondack Woods Reed Diffuser $24.95 -Add to cart-
Gentle Orange Reed Diffuser


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Lavender Reed Diffuser $24.95 -Add to cart-
Morning in the Forest Diffuser $24.95 -Add to cart-
Tangerine Dream Reed Diffuser $24.95 -Add to cart-


Aroma Crystals

Use these scented salt crystals by simply opening the jar, putting them in an attractive glass dish, or on an aroma stone (see diffuser page).  To refresh scent just give them a stir, a shake, or add a few drops of an essential oil blend (see essential oil blends page).  A natural & healthy way to scent your home or office.

Aroma Cleanse Aroma Crystals - Geranium, bergamot, lemon, clary sage, & cinnamon essential oils. 16 oz $14.95 -Add to cart-
Eucarose Aroma Crystals - Eucalyptus globulus and rosemary essential oils. 16 oz $14.95 -Add to cart-
Garden Party -  Lavender, marjoram, basil, spearmint, rosemary, & lemon essential oils. 16 oz $14.95 -Add to cart-
Holiday Aroma Crystals - Spruce, sweet orange, cinnamon leaf, & mandarin essential oils. 16 oz $14.95 -Add to cart-
Lavender Aroma Crystals - Bulgarian lavender essential oil. 16 oz $14.95 -Add to cart-
Morning in the Forest Aroma Crystals - Spruce, grapefruit, & spearmint essential oils. 16 oz $14.95 -Add to cart-
Tangerine Dream Aroma Crystals - Tangerine, French basil, marjoram, geranium, litsea cubeba, & lime essential oils. 16 oz $14.95 -Add to cart-


The Amrita Scent Ball

Essential Oil Diffuser

The Amrita Ball is plugged into an electrical outlet. After placing 5 to 10 drops (maximum) of an essential oil or blend on the felt pad, insert the pad into the ball. After five minutes, your essential oil will diffuse up to three hours in an area up to 500 square feet. An inexpensive, convenient way to diffuse essential oils; excellent when traveling. Includes 10 reusable felt pads. Replacement pads are available.

Scent Ball


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Replacement Pads


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The Aroma Block

Natural Essential Oil Diffuser

A beautiful and reusable all natural diffuser created from timber of the West Australian Kunzea tree. Simply sprinkle a few drops of essential oil, or an essential oil blend, onto the block and enjoy.

Aroma Block


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Dashboard Diffuser

from Amrita

Plugs into the cigarette lighter socket of your car.  The Dashboard Diffuser will freshen and invigorate the air. Place a few drops of an essential oil or blend on the felt pad and insert into the diffuser. Includes 10 reusable felt pads. Replacement pads are available.

Dashboard Diffuser


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Dashboard Diffuser replacement pads


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Angel Car Diffuser

This ceramic car diffuser is distinct from other models on the market. It uses the air stream from the fresh heat/air conditioning vent in your car or home for diffusion. By not using heat, it reduces the oxidation of the essential oils. This rose-blush colored ceramic angel is easy to install and comes packaged with instructions.

Angel Car Diffuser


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Radiator Diffuser

Attaches (with a magnet back) to a radiator. Place a few drops
of essential oil inside to scent the room.

Radiator Diffuser $9.95

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